About Universal
Technical Services (UTS)

UTS, a customer-focused software and services company established in 1997, provides advanced analytical solutions to help customers unlock the value of their data. With a focus on technology and leadership, we are technology experts in Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, and DevOps, helping companies solve complex problems. With skills ranging from system architecture to communication strategy, we understand the part technology plays in the success of any business. Whether companies are looking for guidance on how to stay ahead of cyber threats and malicious attacks or need to upskill their employees, we strive to bring sustainable change while being mindful of the company’s corporate culture. Using our expertise in DevOps and Cybersecurity combined with leadership capabilities, we can help companies take their business to the next level by leveraging technology.

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Our Solutions

UTS helps you address your evolving business and technology challenges by providing the following solutions:


Digital Transformation

Your success in digitally transforming your organization is determined by your ability to develop and execute a clear strategy. This strategy must be driven and supported by leaders who embrace speed and innovation, and encourage rapid change.UTS works with its clients to ensure there is a vision, strategy, and governance to support this process.


Cyber Security

A cyber security expert consulting company is the answer for companies facing ever-changing threats from cyber attacks. Through personalized assessments and custom solutions, businesses can be sure their data and networks are secure, giving them peace of mind in an ever more digitized world.



Automation technology has allowed many companies to increase efficiency and output in their day-to-day operations. This company has been at the cutting edge of this technology, introducing pioneering automation solutions that have revolutionized the industry. It’s innovative approach has pushed boundaries not only in terms of productivity, but also with regards to employee satisfaction and customer service levels.


Staff Augmentation

If your company needs help managing or executing a project, you need to begin with dedicated, competent staff to get the job done right. We can save you opportunity costs you may have wasted by allocating your existing resources to the project, or to training new employees to do the job. By augmenting your staff, you can bring highly-skilled and well-trained individuals to work directly under your current leadership


We offer our clients unique perspectives and constructive disruptions that inspire direction and growth for the future of your business. We co-create, accelerate, and deliver a digital transformational journey, built with intimate customer knowledge and empathy. We guide you through the strategic, technical and cultural elements of the transformation journey to ensure operational success.

Core Competencies

For over 23 years, companies have entrusted Universal Technical Services (UTS) with their evolving business operations and technology needs in the following areas:


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