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Achieve high velocity and stay ahead of your competition

Traditional methods of managing projects are too rigid and slow to respond to the rapid pace of digital change. To succeed, your organization must be fast, flexible, and focused on constantly delivering value to your customers before the competition does.

Agile Organization Services

Increase speed and efficiency with our comprehensive Agile training and coaching services.

Once the assessment has been completed, we will have clarity on your organization’s objectives, along with your current state and capabilities.

We will build a customized roadmap to guide you along your journey towards becoming an agile organization.

We will then begin training leaders and team members on agile methods, based on assessment results and team roles, in order to achieve your goals and make your roadmap a reality.


Initially, a pilot is launched to demonstrate the value of an agile organization. This involves implementing agile ways for an individual team or multiple teams. This is done to quantify the impact of an agile organization through verifiable results from within the organization. The way the pilot will run is briefly charted in a playbook that becomes the basis for communication for all those involved.

After the successful completion of the pilot, an organization-wide implementation is initiated with a much clearer picture. The results from the pilot are used to reassess the vision and strategy and make necessary changes for better results.


Once your team has acquired foundational knowledge about agile methodology and have begun their transformation, we then begin the coaching process.

In the coaching process, we help your organization execute agile methods at a sustainable level, implement lean portfolio processes, and configure toolsets to support effective agile delivery.

Teams undergoing significant changes to their familiar ways of working will inevitably experience feelings of resistance and frustration. Our coaching process will draw on our experience working with dozens of organizations to help your team through the depression curve, boost morale, and achieve competence.


Scaling beyond successful implementation is just as important and requires acceptance of iterations for improved results. It involves incorporating learning and investing time to mold behaviors and mindsets.

Implementing a scale up plan while being open to iterative process helps in improvising in the face of unforeseen challenges that are bound to present themselves. It enables a continuous refinement of an agile organization based on a consistent feedback loop and helps in building key roles in the organization.