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Improve the efficiency of your organization to create greater value for your customers.

Adopting emerging technology to assist your employees can drastically reduce the time spent on tasks and will improve the overall efficiency of your organization. This results in a decrease in unnecessary cost spends and mismanagement of resources.

Emerging Technology Services

Add the edge to your organization with the technologies of tomorrow

IoT presents many opportunities for organizations to help them benefit from new revenue streams developed with advanced services. IoT helps you build a strong business case and improve time to market leading to better returns on investments. IoT will transform the way consumers and businesses will interact.

Tracking equipment, machinery, tools, resources becomes easier using sensors and connectivity. It helps organizations with real-time insights into maintenance and asset utilization.

Moreover, being connected to more devices on the internet allows businesses to be smarter and more secure. In the time of a crisis, the connectivity enables various teams to work in a coordinated manner to resolve issues without any delay.

ZDNet defines a robot as, “a programmable machine that physically interacts with the world around it and is capable of carrying out a complex series of actions autonomously or semi-autonomously.”

The most obvious use of robotics for business purposes are automated machines that perform a specific task over and over to aid in manufacturing goods in large quantities. Robotic arms that assemble vehicles are just one, a well-known example of this.

However, recent technological advancements in both hardware and software are giving robots powerful, new capabilities. The combination of cameras, sensors, Machine Learning, NLP, and increased dexterity means that robots are now performing many complex tasks. Robots can now use data to make decisions, learn how to perform new tasks by directly interacting with humans, and even drive vehicles autonomously.

Another example of robotics is the growing popularity of “bots”, which are computer programs that perform automated tasks and workflows. According to the recent State of Work survey conducted by ServiceNow, a full two days per week are wasted on manual, administrative work. If an organization with 5,000 people automated these time-consuming processes using bots, they would save 4 million work hours per year, freeing staff to work on much more creative, high-value tasks.

As robotics technology continues to improve, and costs continue to decrease, we can help your organization take full advantage of all the new capabilities and benefits that are now available to you.