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Develop new solutions with speed and quality

Outdated technology and processes are incapable of meeting the rapidly changing demands of the modern, digital organization.

Modernized technology and development approaches are required in order to increase efficiency, enable innovation, and stay competitive in the digital age.

Modernized Technology Services

Reimagine your legacy systems for the digital age.

Need software delivered quickly? Our experienced teams bring all the skills needed for success.

CirrusLabs team of Development Engineers, Agile Testers, Product Owners, and ScrumMasters have experience working together and rapidly ramp up to meet your needs.

CirrusLabs can help speed up your Agile adoption by embedding our experts in your Agile teams, or by providing ready-to-go, Whole Team solution.


Operations teams that support software in production want safety nets for quality, reliability, and speed of recovery – if things go south.

CirrusLabs can help you create feedback and learning loops that help the Dev and the Ops teams deliver with the four core competencies of our Continuous Business Value Delivery® methodology: Speed, Scalability, Adaptability and Quality.

We can help you create the development-to-delivery engine that enables these four competencies to break out and be reinforced within the organization.


Your cloud migration has a destination, but it isn’t the cloud. It is a state of continuous business and operations reinvention.

That’s why you should have migration advisors who understand the dynamics of your business and can help you capitalize on new opportunities across your entire cloud journey.

We focus on identifying business and IT drivers, assessing the existing setup, and defining a cloud roadmap that will also accommodate future business needs.

We assess the key areas that impact an organization’s ability to ensure the quality and speed of the solutions that are being delivered to customers.

We will provide you with hands-on training and coaching aimed at bringing a Test Infected Culture to your organization, and overcome the common hurdles to learning and adopting Test Automation.


To meet fast-changing market demands, your organization needs to move quickly. Unfortunately, many applications were not designed to be built with the speed of Agile in mind.

A non-Agile architecture can quickly become a critical choke point in your Agile delivery.

We can evaluate your application architecture and develop a roadmap for making smart, pragmatic investments to accelerate your Agile teams.


While DevOps does provide massive benefit to your organization by condensing development cycles and speeding up product release times, sometimes, this speed becomes too fast for security teams to keep up with.

This misalignment often results in insecure code, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other weaknesses that can be exploited by hackers, or cause downtime, decreased productivity, and lost revenue.

Because the speed at which software is developed and pushed to the customer can mean the difference between success and failure, you must be able to quickly develop and launch solutions that are secure at all layers for the web, data at rest, data in transit, the underlying infrastructure, and the application itself.

This means that security must be ingrained throughout the entire DevOps cycle. The fast feedback that gets created, speeds up the overall enabling of security risk management, from requirements, all the way to production delivery.

With the advent of fast moving technology, the Relationships between Retailers and Customers, Warehouses and Associates, Carriers and Shippers is experiencing evolutionary shifts.

Slowing down is not even an option!

Enterprises need to be in active mode with the latest technology trend, with SCM Functional and Technical experts.

At CirrusLabs we pride ourselves on being the supply chain industry experts for the digital age, with “Manhattan, Oracle, GT-Nexus and many other SCM Product specializations”. Our goal is to bring cutting edge Supply Chain thought-leadership and technology innovations in an agile and cost effective manner.