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UTS-I offers various training courses to make sure you and your employees are compliant with the latest regulations and practices. Below is a list of some of the trainings we offer.

Our company is proud to provide leadership coaching services, allowing our clients to unlock their potential and take the steps necessary toward becoming successful leaders. Through a combination of mentorship and personal training, our leadership coaches will help identify areas that need improvement and develop an action plan. Clients can expect sessions that put an emphasis on tangible, real-world results. By focusing on improving communication, problem solving skills and decision making, we strive to give our clients the confidence they need to excel as a leader. Our team of experienced coaches has produced tangible results with clients from all walks of life, giving you assurance that the investment in yourself is truly worthwhile.

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JIRA & Confluence Basics

This course covers the basics of how JIRA is organized, how teams often use JIRA, and how projects, boards and workflows can be used. This course will also include hands-on experience creating JIRA projects, creating and configuring boards, managing issues, querying issues, and project roles.

Who should attend:

This course is designed for new JIRA users, project managers, project administrators, and application admins.

High Level Topics:

  • What is JIRA
  • JIRA Roles
  • JIRA Projects
  • JIRA Boards
  • Managing issues
  • Workflow concepts
JIRA Projects for Agile

This course covers JIRA and Confluence focusing on creating projects and boards for handling Agile teams. We will cover JIRA boards for Sprints and Kanban, customizing boards, adding custom fields, customizing workflows, managing user roles, customizing board columns, swimlanes, and card layout. This course will also include hands-on experience creating and configuring JIRA Agile boards.

Who should attend:

This course is designed to go beyond the basics for JIRA users, team members, scrum masters, product owners, and project admins.

High Level Topics:

  • JIRA projects and boards
  • Running Sprints in JIRA
  • JIRA project roles
  • Customizing workflows and boards
  • Adding custom fields
  • Managing estimates and time tracking
  • Advanced board techniques
  • Agile reporting
JIRA Portfolio

This course covers the installation and use of JIRA Portfolio. We will cover managing Portfolio backlogs and integration with JIRA projects and best practices for executing Agile grooming and story point estimation. It will also cover Portfolio configuration for People and Teams, Releases and Streams, as well as Plan Reporting options. This course will include hands-on experience in creating a JIRA project, creating a Portfolio, creating Themes, Epics, estimation and grooming, synchronizing, performing what-if analysis and more.

Who should attend:

This course is designed for current users of JIRA in the roles of program manager, project manager, scrum masters, product owners and leaders responsible for managing programs and multiple teams.

High Level Topics:

  • JIRA Portfolio installation & configuration
  • Portfolio synchronization
  • People and Teams
  • Releases and Streams
  • Reporting options
  • Best practices for Agile
JIRA Agile Testing with Zephyr

This course covers the installation and use the Zephyr for JIRA plug-in for Agile Testing. We will cover creating tests, test steps, tests cycles, versioning of tests and best practices of Zephyr for Agile teams. We will also cover linking test to stories and Sprints, defect tracking, test execution and reporting. This course will include hands-on experience configuring a JIRA project with Zephyr, creating and executing tests as well as setting up versioning for Sprints.

Who should attend:

This course is designed for current users of JIRA in the roles of scrum masters, product owners, testers and developers.

High Level Topics:

  • Zephyr plug-in installation & configuration
  • Test Creation
  • Test Cycles
  • Test Execution
  • Versioning and Sprint execution
  • Agile best practices
JIRA & Confluence Administration

This course covers the administration of JIRA and Confluence, troubleshooting techniques, advanced user management with groups and security schemes, and more. This course will include instructional and hands-on activities.

Who should attend:

This course is designed for current users of JIRA administrators, system admins, and project admins.

High Level Topics:

  • Troubleshooting JIRA & Confluence Issues
  • Server Administation
  • Connecting JIRA and Confluence
  • Advanced User Management & Groups
  • Project Security and Security Schemes
  • Plug-In Management
  • Issue Management: Custom Fields, Field Configuration, Workflows, etc
  • Advanced topics like: Webhooks and 3rd party integrations
Customized Courses

We can create a customized course to meet the needs of your organization. From instructional sessions to hands-on learning, we have you covered.

Potential Topics:

  • JIRA Basics
  • Confluence
  • JIRA for Agile
  • JIRA Projects and Workflows
  • Advanced Workflows
  • JIRA Portfolio
  • JIRA Agile Testing with Zephyr
  • JIRA Administration
  • Bamboo and BitBucket

Agile Individual Training – Instructor Led

We have a proven track record with instructors who have real-world experience and provide engaging sessions catered to your specific business needs.

Our training is designed to be interactive and intuitive allowing comprehensive knowledge development.
Students gain a solid understanding of core concepts and applications throughout their agile journey.

Agile Individual Training – Self-Paced

Develop your career from the comfort of your own home. You can learn at your own pace and convenience. Check out our course listings below to register.

Customized Agile Training for Your Team

Whether you’re on the path to simply understanding the basics or you’re reaching for the heights and want to become an Agile master, we offer courses for all stages of your journey.

Additional Corporate Training

Group Virtual Workshop

This workshop will:

  • Help with Managing Priorities In The Age Of Multitasking
  • Invoke Leading And Managing Change
  • Adopting A Service Mindset
  • Valuing Diversity In The Workplace
  • Career Exploration and Brand Development
  • Key Components to Leading Projects

Workshop Curriculum

  • Module 1 & 2: Overview, Effective Communication and Conversation Killers.
  • Module 3: Effective Listening and responses to difficult conversations.
  • Module 4: Creating Meaningful Conversations out smallest interactions
  • Module 5: Powerful Questions: The Impact and Significance
LPI®360 Research-Based Assessment

The LPI®360 is the heart of the program. This research-based assessment uses the feedback of managers, coworkers, and others with direct, regular experience with leaders to show what leadership behaviors they are effectively performing and which behaviors are areas of improvement. The LPI is a best-selling and trusted 360-degree leadership assessment and has been used by nearly five million people. Using 30 behavioral questions plus customized open-ended questions, you learn to interpret and act on personalized feedback to identify the behaviors that will strengthen your capacity to effectively lead with the help of coaches to build a development plan to guide your practice, enhance your skills and refine your goals for leading now and in the future.

This assessment also comes with a one day workshop to share results and lead the team to collaborative activities.

We facilitate workshops and use analytics to track the results that address:

  • Culture Alignment
  • Change Management

All courses come with data analytics that help measure key performance indicators post training.